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Mother to Mother Circle // Ericiera on the Beach


I am starting a mother to mother circle. The idea is that it would be without our babes and will be a space to connect on a regular basis where we can feel we can start building a village around raising our little ones rather than just the family unit. I feel like there are many mums in and around Ericeira that do not have their family around and this is when a community of women would be very supportive. I think it’s always important. It can be a space where we can share stories and knowledge and skills. It will be shaped by the women that come and gather together. A place to build friendships with a deeper meaningful connection.

Magic happens when women gather in circle on the floor, around a table in the hills, on the beach. I want to create experiences of sharing these moments with other mothers. Women that have the courage to show up for themselves in their raw, authentic real form, leaving any masks at the door, creating space for alchemy within and leaving the circle stronger to show up fully in all our areas of our lives. I want to share these experiences with you. I want to meet you. I want to get to know your heart.

My name is Amy. I moved here in April with my partner Dave and daughter Juniper who is two and half. I am mostly a full time mum as she has not started any sort of play group or nursery yet and probably wont for another 6 months or so. I love to surf and play on the beach and i love to make with yarns (weaving, knitting fibre arts) I am into Waldorf/montessori/forest school, nature, creative, simple, conscious way of parenting. I love reading about rhythm in a child’s day and simplicity parenting and RIE and pickler. I am into plants as medicine whether that be herbs and essential oils or organic plants to eat. My dream is to have a group of mothers that i have continuity with. Maybe even help each other to go for a swim or surf! A village.

If this resonates, whats app me (+447870564888) and come along and bring other mother friends!

Looking forward to meeting you!

Amy x