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Join The Scent Society

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Come and join my Scent Society. I will introduce doTERRA essential oils, the purest I have found and how they can support you on so many layers; physical, emotional and spiritual. Take a tour of your olfactory and bliss out your senses with all these beautiful medicinal essential oils. These plants want to heal us as they heal themselves. Each bottle is the immune system of that plant and we have access to this. Why use synthetic perfumes when you can make the real deal. Use rose, sandalwood, vetiver, black pepper, ylang ylang, patchouli, wild orange, peppermint and allow these plant to work on you and everyone that comes to contact with you. Make your own plant based medicinal perfume and learn about how they can help up-level your wellbeing.

There will be a chance to buy some doTERRA essential oils at the end of the class if you so wish.