Essential Oils: What? Why? How?


I have been using essential oils for most of my adult life but only started using them in a therapeutic, medicinal way in the last 2 years. I was pregnant with Juniper and my body was craving essential oils. I wanted to find the purest oils out there, as I knew whatever I put on my skin, in my body or breathed in, it would all go into my bloodstream and into my developing baby. I wanted to use them to support my pregnancy and birth. I found doTERRA and there was something about the company that I instantly wanted to learn more about. The first point that grabbed me was that you could take these oils internally. I always thought essential oils were just for smelling and massaging with! They are so much more. They are medicine.

They are plant extracts, 60-70% more potent to the original plant matter. They are the plants immune system. Every plant has its own synergy of compounds to protect and attract from and to nature. There are compounds that repel viruses and fungi and there are compounds that attract bees to pollenate…..essential oils are bottles filled with these compounds and we are lucky enough to be able to use the intelligence of the plants for our own needs, to support our immune system, nervous system, lymphatic system, digestion, headaches, aches and pains. They are the most powerful way I have used plants. Not only are they protective and healing to our physical bodies but they are also allies to help with our emotional health, working directly on the limbic brain and where we store all our memories. We can use scent as a trigger to anchor in powerful intentions, to feel sexy and attractive, to help heal old traumas, to release old emotions stored in muscles, to help with cravings and emotional eating, to give us strength in the moment, are just a few reasons to use essential oils daily in your life.

There are three ways to use essential oils: Aromatically, topically and internally (This applies only to doTERRA and other essential oils that are pure enough)


If you are wanting to integrate these oils into your life then a diffuser is a must. It is a great way to passively take in all the healing compounds in your environment. As well as killing air born pathogens and releasing chemicals in your brain for a mood shifts. It is a great tool to have if one member of the family or office coworker is ill, you can diffuse the immune blend, On Guard, which will be working to support the immune system of everyone in that room as well as killing the bacteria in the air! So powerful! I use the diffuser as an anchor for bedtime for Juniper and Dave and I. We have one in her room and she has the blend Serenity in it with Air added when needed for anxiety, overwhelm or any sort of physical congestion. Serenity has all the sleepy, calming oils in and can be substituted with lavender, frankincense and air from the home essentials kit. Another way of getting the aromatic benefits of oils is by simply cracking open the cap and taking deep breaths and the compounds will reach your system where it is needed. You can also do this by putting a drop to the palms and cupping your nose and taking deep breaths. I do this every morning with Juniper. She has frankincense or lavender and I have whatever i feel the need for but Air is my go to, helps me breath deeper and helps with any anxiety and stress that is lurking.


A beautiful self care ritual would be to give your self a massage using the oils. This is a way to get the healing compounds into your system through the skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs everything that comes to contact with it. So take note that if you are putting chemicals on your skin it will be going to your cells and effecting your hormones and energy and immune system…. it’s a knock on effect. I like to have this rule as a compass that if i can’t eat it then its not going on my skin. You can make an aromatic dressing for your body. I do this most morning after a skin brush and cold shower but you can do it when ever you feel the need for some extra support. I reccomend wild orange, frankinsence and lavender for a grounding and uplifting blend that super supportive for the physical and emotional.

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This is when you can use your oils like you would supplements and is a great way of assimilating the medicinal compounds into your blood fast. There is alot of conflicting views out there concerning internal use of essential oils. The English aromatherapy is against and the French aromatherapy is for! In French apothecaries, one gets perscribed essential oils to take internally! That is my kind of world! You don’t need to take them internally and if you feel uncomfortable with it then use them aromatically and topically, knowing that they are pure enough to eat and you body will be very grateful for that. I take copaiba under my tongue in the morning and night to support my nervous system and support my stress levels to a minimum. Copaiba is also the king of pain relief and inflamation as is Frankincense! I take of drop of Frankincense also for healthy cells and inflamation and mood. Whenever I feel a sore throat coming on I gargle a drop of On Guard in a little water and swallow and it has not manifested once into an illness this year! Last year I was making flu bombs more often which includes: Frankincense, melaluca, lemon, On Guard and oregano. Below are some immune recipes to get started! They are so powerful!

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Amy Ilic