Sun Worshipping


I love the sun! I have always loved the sun! I think there are very few who dislike the sun. Although alot are frightened of it. I got into podcasts in a big way when I had my daughter and I had a lot of time with her sleeping on me or next to me. I started a business (my doTERRA business) with her sleeping on me. I came across Nadine Artimis whilst listening to Luke Storey, The Life Stylist podcast on Interactions with the sun. I went down a rabbit hole of sun worshiping after this. Daniel Vitalis, Maggie from Puakai Healing, Dr Jack Kruz and Lacy Philips are some of the biggest sun worshiping advocates.

The first thing I have learned is that sun gazing can reset your body and support your mitochondria and nervous system and help your body produce cortisol to wake up and melatonin to sleep deeply. In an ideal world we would not use artificial lights and screens after the sun has set or at least use candle light, incandescent bulbs and Himalayan salt lamps. The aim is to give our body the message that it is time to wind down for a deep restorative sleep and then wake with the sun and gaze to wake our system up and keep our circadian rhythm healthy and on track. The best time to sun gaze is an hour during sun rise and the hour before sun set and why not have your feet on the earth to ground your body also and throw in a meditation! What a beautiful ritual to add into a healthy lifestyle. That is my sort of health and self care and I want my daughter to learn these simple, free natural ways of staying healthy and healing.

The sun and how we interact with it is political. Sunscreens are more likely to give us cancer than to protect us from it. I know this may trigger many but there are lots of studies showing that when sunscreen is heated by the sun it transforms and becomes carcinogenic. Here is a Pub Med article for the geeks out there on how important it is for us to get vitamin C through the skin from sunlight without sunscreen on our skin. A brilliant man, Auguste Rollier treated children with tuberculosis with heliotherapy, sun therapy.

Nadine Artimis talks about how the sun is a healer and that we should train our bodies slowly to the sun by exposing ourselves bare skin for 10 minutes and increasing. The best time to get Vitamin D is as close to midday as possible. It was such a beautiful sunny summer this year and I was on board with not using sunscreen anymore on myself and Juniper, and Dave was on board too! I made a Sun Oil with essential oils to protect and nourish and I also bought Living libations zinc cream for the areas that i could not cover up and we needed to be in the sun, the face or nose whilst we frolicked in the waves.

Sun Bronzer.jpg

I got burned a couple of times but not that bad and Nadine says that the skin finds it easier to heal from burn without wearing sunscreen than spending the same amount of time in the sun but not burning with sunscreen on. Wearing sunscreen stops the communication that our skin gives to us of ‘enough’. There are many articles out there here is one. I also made a recipe for burns using lavender for soothing and peppermint for cooling and frankincense for inflammation, i put it in a spray bottle and filled with Fractionated coconut oil. We all wore hats and long sleeves when we knew we had enough sun and then seeked shade also. It became a life style and it still is.


Amy Ilic