Get started with doTERRA

You're all excited and in the know about essential oils and eager to get some of these botanicals in your life?! 
If you're not sure what oils you want or need yet, or have any questions we can talk over your needs.

The best way to get started is by setting up your own wholesale membership. This means you get the oils at 25% off retail price (same price I get them at), as well as me as your natural-health-lifestyle-advocate. You also will have access to our face book group for ongoing inspiration and education and also community study groups.
Two ways to go about this:
1) Pay a £24 fee for a year's membership and choose a few oils you want to start with (it's £15/year thereafter, but you get compensated with a free bottle of peppermint when that time comes around!) You can find a price list in GBP for all doTERRA products here (look at prices in bold). And Here for prices in Euros.
2) Skip the fee, and start with a kit - the vast majority of people opt for a Home Essentials Kit, but there are lots of options for different needs + budgets. Enrolment kits can all be found here in Pounds and Here in Euros.


when you're ready to order —

Step 1

▴ Go to

▴ Click "Join & Save" at the top right

▴ Click ‘Join doTERRA’ bottom right

▴ Choose your appropriate language + country for shipment

▴ Select "Wholesale Customer"

▴ Fill out your personal details. In the 'Enroller ID' box, make sure it's got my number: 4739369

Step 2


▴ Select what kit you'd like to order. I always suggest the Home Essentials Kit (remember, this waives the enrolment fee) but click here to view all other kits.

▴ If you don't want a kit, then select the "Essentials Booklet + Enrolment Fee", and manually add the particular essential oils you want to start with using the search box.

▴ I usually suggest adding a bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil to your order as it's super important to have a nice carrier oil to dilute your essential oils for applying them on your skin. This one is unscented, light and absorbs and carries the oils in your body easily. 

Step 3


▴ Process your order.

▴ You'll be asked if you want to set up a Loyalty Rewards Programme (LRP) order. This is a monthly wellness subscription box - but better, because YOU get to choose what goes in it, and you get credit back for every order to redeem on free oils! It's the best way to slowly grow and build on your collection and explore some other products in the range, like the incredible supplements, non-toxic cleaning products, skincare and haircare...

▴ If you want to talk about this first, feel free to click 'no' and i’ll walk you through it later. 


These are the top ten oils that are all in the Home Essentials Kit, including a minimalist designed diffuser and a booklet with info about each oil.


So just to recap; You get access to the best possible price on all your oils, plus the exclusive support, magic and bonuses that come with the community.

  • 25%-55% off retail price on all future purchases

  • FREE wellness consult with me

  • Access to incredible resources (including Facebook groups, eBooks and recipe books)

  • Ongoing support & education for the lifetime of your membership

  • NO minimum monthly ordering or obligation to sell

  • Join a beautiful community of like minded men and women on a path to change their lives

  • Option to join our monthly program and earn points for free products

  • Option to upgrade and explore the business opportunity at anytime, for NO extra charge! Click here to read more about working with me with doTERRA.