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East Sussex


Amy Ilic is a Woven Textiles designer and maker. She plays with the balance of simple timeless design and playful, graphic personality statements.


"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray"      -Rumi


Amy teaches weaving workshops and essential oil classes. 

Amy loves to collaborate and share weaving and oils in the world,  get in touch if you would like to host either workshops, at your home or venue.

Amy is a Designer, Weaver and DoTerra essential oils wellness advocate

She is very interested in well being and how craft affects emotional health positively, slowing down in a fast world. She is passionate about living a low tox, natural life using essential oils.

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Modern Weaving Workshop // SIX, Hove // £30


Amy will be teaching aweaving workshop in the the very classy restaurant/Cocktail? Juice bar, SIX in Hove on Western Rd. This will be a night of weaving, meeting and drinking the freshest cocktails made by Juice 42!

In this evening session you will have 2.5 hours to learn and practice how to weave your own wall hangings.

‘I have been working hard to find a loom I would like to sell and teach on and have found my perfect collaboration partner! You will be weaving on the wonderful true craftsman EJ’s looms from Hatchet + Bear. He carves every loom and tool by hand with such beautiful detailing using seasonal wood using either Elm or Walnut. I cannot express enough what a delight they are to weave on. You can feel his thoughtful design and craftsmanship while you weave!’ Amy

This is a beginners course but is also suitable for those who have played a little with weaving before and would like to learn more techniques, practice with other weavers and ask Amy any questions to develop your weaving skills.

Weaving is a very addictive craft. The rhythm one gets into when weaving is a great way to unwind and process the day and thoughts. Woven wall hangings are also a massive trend in the interiors world bringing in textured, tactile textiles onto your walls. Not only can they be elegant and bring character to a home, they are also a perfect decoration for a baby or child’s room.

You will learn how to warp up a loom and play with texture and colour through making Rya Knots (tassels), half hitch knots, twining, using roving (unspun wool) and weaving and making knots in different ways to create interesting textures, resulting in a very tactile textile wall hanging!

You will go home with your hand-woven wall hanging ready to adorn your interior. You will also have the option of buying your loom at the end, which comes with Amy’s beginners guide on how to set up and weave! There will be a range of colours and textured yarns to experiment with so that when you leave you will be more educated as to what yarns to buy, where and how to use them.

Tools, yarn, threads and strips of fabric for weaving are included however, If you have preferred yarns you'd like to use please feel free to bring them along!

You will have a chance to buy your Hatchet & Bear loom at the end of class. It is irresistible!

weaving workshop
weaving workshop and cocktails
weaving workshop
weaving workshop
weaving workshop

NB. Cocktails are not included in the price