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East Sussex


Amy Ilic is a Woven Textiles designer and maker. She plays with the balance of simple timeless design and playful, graphic personality statements.


"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray"      -Rumi


Amy teaches weaving workshops and essential oil classes. 

Amy loves to collaborate and share weaving and oils in the world,  get in touch if you would like to host either workshops, at your home or venue.

Amy is a Designer, Weaver and DoTerra essential oils wellness advocate

She is very interested in well being and how craft affects emotional health positively, slowing down in a fast world. She is passionate about living a low tox, natural life using essential oils.

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Beginner Modern Weaving Workshop // Tidy Street General Store // £30

weaving workshop

Have you visited the wonderful Tidy Street General Store yet? It is a beautifully curated new shop in the North Laines that sells carefully selected items focusing on modern craft. I am in love with it and if you are interested in weaving and craft, i think you will be too!


I am very excited to be teaching at The Tidy Street General Store! We will be surrounded by all the unique handcrafted objects and we will feel super inspired for our little woven works of art!

This class is taught on a table/lap loom and is for complete beginners and intermediates alike that would like to learn a few more techniques and join a weaving community.

Weaving is a very addictive craft. The rhythm one gets into when weaving is a great way to unwind and process the day and thoughts. Weaving is also a massive trend in the craft and Interior world at the moment and it is will be sticking around for a while. Not only does a woven wall hanging look beautiful and adds texture and warmth to a room, it is also such a beautiful, meditative craft and a great way to spend time alone, in front of Netflix or with fellow weaving buddies!

In this workshop I will be teaching you how to make your own woven wall hanging on a Hatchet & Bear handmade loom.

You will learn how to set up your loom, make knots to start and end your weaving and use your tools. You will play with texture and colour through different techniques including Rya knots (Tassels), twining, soumak, and how to add a 3D sculptural element to your weaving.

You will go away from the class confident to set up and weave on your own and with your own hand-woven wall hanging in hand ready to put up in your home or give away as a generous handmade gift!

I have been working hard to find a loom I would like to sell and teach on and have found my perfect collaboration partner! You will be weaving on the wonderful true craftsman EJ’s looms from Hatchet and Bear. He carves every loom and tool by hand with such beautiful detailing using seasonal wood using either Elm or Walnut. I cannot express enough what a delight they are to weave on. You can feel his thoughtful design and craftsmanship while you weave!

After the class you will have the chance to buy your wonderful loom, which you will fall in love with and also put your name down to be part of a closed Weaving Facebook page where we can all meet on and ask questions and create an online weaving community!

Amy will provide everything that you will need to have a ready to hang Wall Hanging. If you do have a favorite yarn or scissors then please bring them along!

There will be a range of colours and textured yarns to experiment with so that when you leave you will be more educated as to what yarns to buy, where and how to use them.


Amy has been weaving for 3 years now and has been selling wall hangings, home and fashion accessories. She weaves on various tapestry and lap looms and also floor and table cloth looms and is happy to talk about any of your queries about weaving and life!

She is very interested in well-being and how craft affects emotional health positively, slowing down in a fast world.