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East Sussex


Amy Ilic is a Woven Textiles designer and maker. She plays with the balance of simple timeless design and playful, graphic personality statements.

Weaving Meditation // Beginner Session // £40 // 28.04.18 // @ SIX


All Amy's products are designed and hand woven by her in her studio near Lewes.


Weaving Meditation // Beginner Session // £40 // 28.04.18 // @ SIX


Weaving Meditation // Beginner Session // £40 // 28.04.18 // @ SIX


This is a workshop to free your mind through your hands.

I have created this weaving meditation for those that want a tool to quiet their mind through doing. Many of my students say how meditative weaving is. I have been meditating since I was in my early twenties and have dabbled in many techniques. When I get in the flow with weaving I feel I forget my mind and time does not exist. This is what can be called flow state.

You can be a complete beginner or a pro, this workshop will focus on the most basic weaving technique and only one technique. The first part I will introduce your tools and the weaving technique we will be using for the meditation and this will be a chance to ask any questions.

We will then have an hour of silent weaving meditation.

I will have music, either binaural beats or mantras playing that will help you get into an alpha and theta bands of your mind . I will have essential oils diffusing and you can also anoint yourself with some to tickle your sense of smell.

This hour is all about letting go of the final product. Letting go of perfectionism and celebrating in imperfect. Accepting your mistakes and 'not knowing' and let go of doing things right. Allowing yourself to get lost. Let go of having an end product. let go of greed. Let inspiration flow in. Make space in your mind. Keep focusing on your hands and the action.

The last 20 minutes we will have time to stop and reflect on what we created and notice how our minds feel with the help of our hands.

We will cut our piece wherever it is at and I will go through a simple technique so that you can hang your pieces at home if you so wish.

This is not about the finished product. It's about using your hands in repetition and rhythm to free the mind and make space for inspiration and peace. Using sound, smell and touch to empty the mind through music, essential oils and weaving.

NO REQUIREMENTS of skill necessary. Come empty handed and you will learn everything you need to learn a meditation through making. Teach your hands to calm your mind. A tool for those that find traditional meditation difficult to implement. Give your mind a break by making your hands work. 

Date: 28.04.18

Time: 11am-2pm

Place: Upstairs at SIX 102-105 Western Road, Brighton and Hove BN3 1FA

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