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Amy Ilic is a Woven Textiles designer and maker. She plays with the balance of simple timeless design and playful, graphic personality statements.


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A Weaver and Inspiration: Sheila Hicks, Interview and Work

Amy Ilic

Sheila hicks Forest
Sheila Hicks, wrapping

I am in awe of Sheila Hicks work. The scale of her work is so inspirational and her motivation and determination as a weaver and fiber artist even now at 80 something makes anyone get off their bums and make and do what they love!!

Hicks is an American living and working in Paris since 1964. She studied at Yale with the exceptional colour theorist, Joseph Albers and was inspired by his wife Annie Albers to explore textiles. Here is a link to the Joseph and Annie Albers foundation for some colour and weaving inspiration!

I have listened to this podcast interviewing Shela Hicks from The Modern Art Notes a couple of times and will listen to Sheila speak about her processes and work many more times. She has a calm, authentic voice that emanates wisdom and inspires my work.

Enjoy listening while you make or potter around and also peruse her inspiring work!

Here is an interesting article in The New York Times about the latest master piece by Hicks where she revisits a large scale commission she did 50 years prior.

Screenshot 2016-10-13 13.33.26.png


It is 30 feet 8 inches by 13 feet in the auditorium comprises 510 embroidered medallions; one 40 feet 2 inches by 9 feet 5 inches in the below-ground board room with 600 medallions. In the podcast she speaks about how her family urged her to not put herself through a year of back breaking repetitive work and they were worried it may be the last thing she would do and her response was that she will never stop working and she will keep doing what she loves and is important to her. Watch a meditative couple of minute clip on her process and see the mass of work that was involved and how much dedication is needed to produce such beauty.

Sheila Hicks Wall Hanging
Sheila Hicks Wrapping Weaving