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East Sussex


Amy Ilic is a Woven Textiles designer and maker. She plays with the balance of simple timeless design and playful, graphic personality statements.

Meditations of a Maker Series // part one


Welcome to my mind. Enjoy!

Meditations of a Maker Series // part one

Amy Ilic

Hey! Here is a movie made by my little bro Philip Ilic; musings on making and meditation. I am in love with the simplicity of the repetitive rhythmic movements that a weaver gets into. It is very meditative and can get you into a flow state of mind where time stops and all that matters is the pattern slowly but satisfyingly growing in front of you. Weaving is my meditation and haven away from the world. I hope that it can be felt by others through my work. I love being part of a makers community where value is placed on where the product is made, by whom and with what rather than at the lowest cost for a throw away culture. I enjoy that weaving slows me down and brings me in the moment slowly stacking thread by thread line by line, each thread supporting the other by the weight of the two either side. Thanks for reading and watching if you clicked!